I am becoming very aware of my needs. As I am detached from everything that I am accustomed to having meet my needs, I realize what those needs are. I feel that apart from physical needs, every other need can be satisfied by people. The only hard part about being here is that I miss the people in my life. As I grow to love the people here I feel much happier here. I am finding that everything I have invested in during my life is replaceable. This is a hard realization because it makes me feel that relationships I have built are insignificant. But I am happy that this realization comes with another—that a relationship’s significance is not dependent on its duration. That my relationships from home are replaceable here does not make those relationships less significant. I have to view the relationship in the context of its time and place. Right now, there are other relationships becoming significant to me, but every relationship left at home is still significant in a different time and place. What the significance of the relationship does depend on is its depth. The more developed a relationship is the more it means to me. This makes it hard to be here away from the relationships I have developed. But with experience and conversation new relationships are becoming a bigger part of me. When I leave, I will leave the depth of the relationship in this time and place, but I will forever be affected by the people I bonded with.


3 responses to “relationships

  1. i love and miss you.
    you’re in my thoughts, i know everything must be very overwhelming as you are still adjusting! it’s so scary, but the most rewarding thing you could ever do! you should be proud of yourself for doing something so unknown!

  2. RORY!!! I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing and thank you for inviting me to go to Bonnaroo! I hope you had as much fun as I did. I still can’t even believe that your in Africa for the rest of the summer. I’m already anxious to hear your stories when you get back. Stay safe!

  3. Rory,

    Your writing really is beyond your years – it’s astonishing what you can thoughtfully describe that I could never put into words. I hope you’re doing well, I miss you and know you will both be changed by your travels and will bring your untamed effervescence to everyone you meet. Looking forward to many stories upon your return!



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